Why CryoTherapy Trumps Coffee


People come far and wide to get a CryoTherapy session that will alleviate their physical inflammation and help them recover from harsh workouts. But despite it being one of the main benefits of Whole-Body CryoTherapy, people are often surprised by the increased energy they gain after their sessions. Their minds are awake and alert, they have an easier time focussing, and that groggy feeling as they reach the end of their work day disappears. This leaves many of them questioning, Why? It’s much easier to understand the physical benefits of CryoTherapy, as people are very well versed in the use of Ice Baths and Cold Packs and how cold can help the body, but the energy boost can be a little more complicated; so Cryo Elite Therapy is here to explain!

During a Whole Body Cryo Therapy session, patients are enveloped with hyper-cooled air for 3 minutes, at temperatures as low as -130 degrees Celsius. Because the body is getting so cold so fast, the body goes into “temperature stress”, which is a small state of shock. When your body goes into shock, all the blood rushes to your vital organs to protect them.

This process oxygenates your blood and stimulates your vital organs, along with an increased heart rate and small adrenaline rush. The extra stimuli and adrenaline produces a boost of endorphins. Endorphins react with the brain receptors to reduce the perception of pain and increase pleasure feelings. This helps your brain feel more awake, focussed, and energized.

Think about a day where all you did was stare at a computer screen, eventually your eyes might hurt a little, feel dry, your brain will feel a little foggy, and your back stiff; but once you get up and walk around and go outside for fresh air, you body feels much better. That’s similar to how CryoTherapy interacts with your brain. It shakes your mind awake for a whole new level of energy and life.

Many patients like to schedule their Cryo sessions around the time of day they tend to start lacking energy, this way they don’t have to pay for another cup of coffee. Coffee, while a good quick fix in a pinch, can result in caffeine crashes, and consumed late within the day can affect your sleep, making you more tired the next day, making you drink more coffee, making you more tired the next day, making you drink- yeah, you get it. With Cryotherapy, because everything is happening organically in the body, there’s no going over your sugar limit for the day, there’s no caffeine crash and no chance of messing up your sleep, in fact, because of the increased circulation during the session, you’re actually going to sleep much better than you would normally!

So there you have it, the reason why CryoTherapy is the natural energy boost that can change your day! There’s nothing better than having a long day at work, doing a Cryo Session, and having the life and energy to do more than just crash on the couch when you get home, knowing you’ll still make it to bed at the right time.

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